Events and Catering
Events and Catering

Our Catering Menu

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Appetizer Rice / Noodles Meat Vegetables Other
Pholourie White Rice Jerk Chicken Mixed Vegetables Roti (Dhal Puri)
Doubles Rice and Peas BBQ Chicken Curry Channa Roti (Paratha)
Samosa Spinach Rice Curry Chicken Curry Potato Fruit Skewers
Appleton Wings Fried Rice Stew Chicken Curry Apple Fruit Platters
Sliders Carrot Rice Oxtail Callaloo Sweet Bread
Coleslaw Pasta Curry Goat Pumpkin Mini Cupcakes
Patties Macaroni Pie Curry Shrimp Curry Mango Assorted Cake
Kabobs Macaroni Salad Stew Beef Mango Chow Sugar Cake
Fried Plantain Chow Mien Geera Pork   Currants Roll
Saltfish & Bake Pelau Geera Chicken   Fruit Salad
Shrimp / Fish Fritter        
Chicken Wonton        
Shrimp Wonton        
Veggie Wonton        
Potato Salad        

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Taste The Flavor

Tasty’s Caribbean Take Out caters to your events. Take our Caribbean flavor to impress and enjoy in your birthday parties, corporate events, and other social and business gatherings.

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